New Pan-Asian restaurant opens in Dublin

Located on Dawson street is the recently opened FAAT BAAT, Dublin’s most unique Pan Asian restaurant.

Bringing the vibrancy and buzz of a New York basement style restaurant to the City Centre, FAAT BAAT can be described as a casual dining, cocktail drinking, late-night music restaurant.

FAAT BAAT is derived from the Chinese word for prosperity (FAAT) & 8 (BAAT), the lucky number of the Chinese. Taking inspiration from downtown Manhattan’s best Asian restaurants, FAAT BAAT is bursting with personality, charm and positive energy. The interiors have been infused with bright and inviting colours chosen to fit perfectly with their Pan-Asian theme.

Embracing the Asian tradition of sharing and eating ‘family style’, FAAT BAAT’s menu is inspired by Western influences assorted with Eastern flavors, taking the very best from different cultures.

Their menu has choices to please everyone, from firm Asian favourites, such as Dim Sum, to their signature BAAT Wings and even a whole slow-roasted pork shoulder sharing dish. It’s also worth noting that no MSGs are used in the preparation of dishes and Irish produce is chosen wherever possible.

Open until 2am every Friday and Saturday, the GOGO Bar is the perfect place to chill out and catch up with friends. Their resident team of BAATtenders have created a unique cocktail list full of twists and surprises, including Ginger Mojito and Lychee Martini, while also offering classic favourites such as Whiskey Sours.