Natural ways to prevent this beauty problem


Did you know that a wrinkle takes 15 years to manifest itself? That means, those tiny crow’s feet you get a 40 begin to develop at the age of……we’re pretty sure you can do the maths here. Scary isn’t it?

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to delay this inevitable skin problem.

Eat good fats

It’s not obvious, but eating healthy fats is probably one of the best ways to keep your skin wrinkle-free. Good fats are needed to produce collagen, the protein responsible for keeping your skin plump.

Don’t be fooled by big brands

Rather than spending an arm and a leg on one beauty product alone, spend a reasonable price on natural products with multiple uses. For instance, coconut oil makes for a good eye make-up remover and body lotion.

Manage stress levels

Easier said than done – we know! But stress actually breaks down the production of collagen in the skin. So before you drive yourself to have a nervous breakdown, just relax with some friends – let your hair down.