Movie Review: Cuban Fury

Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) is a 13-year-old boy blessed with rhythm, passion and hopes of becoming one of the greatest dancers in the world. However, following a serious ‘talking to’ from the cool gang at school, Bruce’s life went down a very different path.

Fast-forward to adulthood and Bruce has lost his dancer’s physique, retired his nimble feet and settled for a comfy office job where his tormentors have now taken on the form of a chauvinistic office bully played by Chris O’Dowd. That is until his new boss (Rashida Jones) starts.

As Bruce admits, and we can only agree, she is way out of his league and it would take something miraculous for this beauty to consider him her knight in shining armour. So Bruce contemplates what can truly set him apart from other men – salsa, of course.

The once golden pupil tracks down his former teacher to enlist his help to turn the now overweight, clumsy-footed man into a tiptoeing, woman hurling, ass-grabbing salsa machine, all in a bid to impress the office queen.

Admittedly the storyline isn’t original, but with salsa thrown into the mix it’s a whole new set. This movie is packed with gags and one-liners from start to finish and is absolutely hilarious.

Nick Frost and Chris O’ Dowd work so well together and you really begin to despise Chris’ character. What’s more, if you pay attention, you might even catch a sneaky appearance from Frost’s best friend and frequent co-star Simon Pegg.

Cuban Fury is hitting cinemas on Valentines Day the 14th of February.