Miley Cyrus’ latest beauty move is getting a mixed reaction

Miley Cyrus' Instagram is a fairly mad little universe, full of trippy photo collages and bizarre outfits.

Now Miley's rocking a new trend on her social media feed, by showing off her free-flowing armpit hair for all to see. The singer first bared her unshaven pits at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony for Joan Jett last week:

Since then she's been sharing some other images via Instagram, to a mixed reaction from fans.


Joan's cheerleader

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"Look at her pits" wrote one commenter, with another coming to Miley's defence by saying, "It's mileys body not yours so who gives a f*ck? ..It's a matter of opinion."

It's amazing to see a young celebrity like Miley stepping away from beauty norms, and long may it last, we say. She's not the first celebrity to go purposefully unshaven though – last year Madonna proudly showed off her pits to the world:


Long hair…… Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove

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Julia Roberts also famously "forgot" to shave her armpits for this film premiere:

Join the club, Miley…