Michelle Keegan loses her temper over ‘depressed’ tweet


Michelle Keegan sent Twitter into a tizzy earlier today when she tweeted about feeling depressed watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The former Coronation Street actress tweeted: “With all the pics of the Victoria Secret models going round I should be motivated 2 go gym, instead they’re doin the opposite! #depressed.”

While many followers weren’t too impressed with her use of the word ‘depressed’, one commenter in particular really angered Michelle when they wrote: “this tweet purely done so your army of fans will reply with “u could be a model hun” to boost ego.”

It wasn’t long before the actress hit back, writing: “oh shit [sic] up you idiot! I’m in the public eye doesn’t mean I can’t tweet something normal! Keep your opinions 2 urself.”

Yikes – don't mess with Michelle!