Meet the new addition to the Miley menagerie!


There seems no end to the eccentricities of this young pop star but at least for once it’s PG.

Still grieving the loss of her dog Floyd, Miley Cyrus has added a new member to her family – a piglet!

Miley’s porky pal is called Bubba Sue, and we must admit it is ridiculously cute. Miley showed off her new pet on Instagram and may already be sparking a new piggy pet trend.

In the 1980s a huge trend for pet turtles was started by the popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Miley might be starting a similar boom for pigs.

Things ended badly for the poor turtles however, when kids realised that real turtles didn’t fight evil and couldn’t hold a nunchuck.

We just hope Miley reminds her fans that pigs are for life, not just for Chris… er… August.