Matt Damon went for PINTS and fulfilled his bucket list in Dublin


Matt Damon is currently promoting the latest instalment of the Bourne movie franchise, and while chatting to Spin, he told them that he was in Dublin not too long ago.

Now, you'd think an award-winning (and very hot) actor would make every single girl in a ten mile radius run to meet him, but alas, nobody did.

Matt came over to Ireland at the end of last year while he was on a short break from filming Jason Bourne – and he even ticked something off his bucket list!

"We had a weekend free and it just happened to be the weekend that U2 was playing two shows in Dublin so we went 'that's where we'll go'.

"It was awesome that gig, it was like a bucket list thing," he added.

And when asked if anyone bothered him, Matt said he was totally left alone, even when he went for pints after the show.

"Oh completely (left alone). Everybody was so unbelievably nice it couldn't have been any better."

Saying that, if I had bumped into him, there's no way I'd let him go without a selfie. It's Matt Damon guyslike c'mon