Lucy Mecklenburgh shares incredible before and after photos


Lucy Mecklenburgh has always had an amazing figure, but in recent years fans have seen her interest in health and fitness skyrocket.

Now, Lucy has taken to Instagram to show her fans and those who might wish to follow in her footsteps, the difference her new lifestyle has made.

Posting a photo of her early TOWIE days beside a more recent snap, Lucy wrote: “My before & after photos .. I have never been overweight just unfit, unhealthy & had annoying stubborn cellulite. 2 years ago I started gradually changing my diet & training 3-5 times a week. It made me feel like a completely different person!”

The reality TV star then goes on to say that her company, Results With Lucy, can help women achieve what she has done, and also states that over 100,000 women now use her online programme – wow! That is an amazing achievement in just two years, she must be delighted!

While we loved Lucy before, there is no doubt that in the last two years she has become a lot happier in herself and in what she is doing and from the photo she posted it is very clear she is doing something right!