Love Island: Why ”Old” Laura is the best person in the villa

We've almost reached the finish line of Love Island 2018. And what an eight weeks it's been.

Tbh I'm glad it's almost done – while I have enjoyed it for the most part, I don't think I can stick any more of Dr Alex.

I felt SO BAD for him the first few weeks – he looked so awks and left out and I felt his pain, I really did.

But it turns out that just because he's a bit awkward does not mean he is a nice person.

And this whole first-impressions-can-be-deceiving thing also happened with me and  ''Old'' Laura (or ''First'' Laura as Twitter suggests, which sounds a helluva lot better.)



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I sound like a right b*tch, but when she first entered the villa, I was like – nope, not gonna like her.

Then she was paired with Wes and for three weeks I couldn't imagine them with anyone else.

Okay, so she started to get a bit annoying and they started to bicker – but Wes was deffo a bit into Ellie when she arrived and if she hadn't given him the brush off, he would've left Laura in a heartbeat.

And Laura isn't stupid, so she knew this. Cue ego-knock number one.

Then, she experienced every girls worst nightmare when Wes dumped her for Megan, the girl that every guy wanted.


My mood between 9am and 5pm. #LoveIsland

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So then she had to watch the guy she'd been coupled up with for almost a month, the guy who said, ''I think I'm falling for you'', the guy she shared the Hideaway with – be all over another girl in the same house as her.

That's gotta f*cking hurt. Cue ego-knock number two.

Suddenly, Hot Jack lands on the island and he is fab looking and seems fun.

He gravitates towards Laura and I'm so chuffed for her.

Her mate Georgia then KISSES Jack behind her back and LIES about it. Another knock for our Laura.

Jack then uses Laura just so she recouples with him and then as soon as two new girls come in – Stephanie and, of course, ''New'' Laura, his head is turned. 

Jack obvs gets with the new girl and our Laura is left dumped for the second time in six weeks.

I know she isn't perfect and can be insecure at times – but who the hell can blame her? My self-esteem would be shattered if I was her.

But it was last night that she proved herself to be a genuinely good person who didn't deserve the sh*t she got. 

She sat on the rooftop comforting New Laura – mere hours after said girl had humiliated her in the lie detector test (''Jack, who's a better kisser, me or Old Laura?'') Like, seriously.

How sound First Laura is hasn't been lost on Twitter, who seem to agree with me wholeheartedly.

People have written,''I genuinely think that she [Laura] is a brilliant and kind woman and that she’s only this way because she’s always mugged off by guys because of what she wants.''

Another one said, ''say what you want about old Laura, but even after new Laura put her down with the lie detector questions, she went and wiped her tears. what a brill woman'' and  ''she's had such a rough ride and been so gracious with those horrible girls (Megan and new Laura) Such a lovely girl.''

Laura, you're doing amazing sweetie, we're all rooting for ya!