Lily Allen reveals the secret to her dramatic weight loss

There’s no doubt about it – Lily Allen has been looking pretty great on her Sheezus tour. However, in a recent interview she has revealed her diet secret, and we’re not sure it’s the healthiest option!

“I just eat a lot of crisps, I'm not really eating a lot of proper meals [while on tour].

“Only when I'm able to get to a restaurant.”

Lily says she gained three stone during her pregnancy with her second daughter Marnie Rose, but she’s now down to a tiny size eight.

She says all her dancing probably has a part to play in her weight loss as well:

“I think it’s touring and dancing and probably, you know, the not wanting to eat room service thing.

“I don't really like food being mass produced, you look at those kitchens and they're huge, just, I don't like it.”

Hmmm – we hope Lily is making sure she’s getting her five a day!