Lana Del Rey blasts journalist over ‘I wish I was dead’ comments


Lana Del Rey has voiced her thoughts on the controversial interview in which she said: “I wish I was dead already.”

The singer is not at all happy with The Guardian journalist, Tim Jonze (who she mistakes for Alexis in her tweets), who conducted the interview.

Lana took to her Twitter to voice her unhappiness, writing in a series of three tweets: “I regret trusting the guardian- i didn’t want to do an interview but the journalist was persistent. Alexis was masked as a fan … but was hiding sinister ambitions and angles Maybe he’s actually the boring one looking for something interesting to write about … his leading questions about death and persona were calculated.”


However, the journalist wasn’t going to take this lying down and wrote an article in which he said: “It’s not uncommon for interviwees to read what they’ve actually said, be horrified and decide it’s the writer’s fault … Besides the fact that Lana doesn’t actually remember who interviewed her, there are a number of things about her statement that sound iffy to me.”

It doesn’t look like this controversy is going to go away any time soon!