Kris Jenner shares nasty email from Kim with the world


Uh-oh. We think someone is about to be in some big trouble, and that someone is Kris Jenner.

The Kardashian matriarch is usually not one to get caught up in drama with her daughters, but it seems she just couldn’t resist when Kim sent her a nasty email criticising her style.

Kris turned up to the Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast last week looking gorgeous in a chic black dress with a white collar and ribbon detail in the cuffs.

While Kris seemed to be delighted with her choice of attire for the event, daughter Kim was not, and she decided to make her thoughts known in a cruel email.

The email, which Kris subsequently shared with her Instagram followers last night, read:

“I love you mom but no more pilgrim adams [sic] family outfits…you have exhausted this look, done. Move on, we need chic tights dresses not this omish [sic] s*** anymore”.

It’s obvious that Kris was hurt by Kim’s words as she wrote:

“After spending an amazing morning at The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast, and while I was in my car and hadn't even gotten home yet, my LOVELY daughter @kimkardashian sent me this delightful email after she apparently saw my picture online…so I wanted to share with you her special holiday cheer. #ithoughtilookedfab #cantdoanythingrightlol.”

Needless to say, Kris’ followers have been jumping to her defence, telling her not to listen to Kim, and we have to agree with them.

You looked fabulous, Kris!