Kim Kardashian forgets baby North in a hotel!


To say that Paris Fashion Week has been eventful for Kim Kardashian would be an understatement.

First, she was nearly knocked to the ground by notorious celebrity pest Vitalli Sediuk, then she and husband Kanye were embarrassingly booed for being late to the Lanvin show.

Now, the reality star has come under fire for supposedly forgetting baby North in her hotel!

Video footage has surfaced of Kim emerging from her hotel and walking to her car, hands hanging, only to realise that North is not inside. The star is seen speaking calmly to a member of her security, before turning around to go back inside to get her daughter.

While the Internet has largely gone crazy over the footage, accusing Kim of being an irresponsible mother, we can’t help but wonder if maybe this was just a carefully planned move to show off her rather eye-catching holey ensemble.

What do you think of the footage – would Kim really forget about her own daughter?