Kim and Kanye plan their most shocking project yet


We’re still recovering from Kim Kardashian’s nude shoot for Paper magazine, but it seems as though her most risqué project is yet to come.

What could possibly be more risqué than posing completely naked for a magazine, we hear you say?

How about a completely nude shoot involving Kim and Kanye?

According to reports, the couple are so delighted with the response to Kim’s recent photo shoot (which Kanye, apparently, helped to direct) that they want to make it a joint venture next time.

A source has revealed that Kanye has already organised and commissioned a “gallery-worthy” picture of the couple “lying naked in a loving embrace”.

Not usually ones to shy away from the spotlight, the couple are also said to be keen to share the end result with the world.

A source told OK! magazine: “There’s going to be a big reveal party once it’s done!”

Seriously, someone needs to tell them that we’re just fine without that image!