Kate Middleton’s dodgy Photoshop fail goes viral


Poor Kate Middleton! As if it isn’t bad enough being followed around and papped everywhere you go, a magazine has now made her look like a zombie with some very dodgy Photoshop!

Australian magazine, Women’s Day, have gone viral for all the wrong reasons after they altered a photo of the Duchess to make her look almost unrecognisable.

The original photo was perfect, before they decided to change her eyes, complexion and even her cheeks it would appear!

We’re not sure the Duchess is going to be entirely happy with her brand new look – we know we wouldn’t be! 

This isn't the first time Kate and her family have been subjected to unnecessary Photoshop with the public blasting Vanity Fair when they altered an image of Kate, Prince William and Prince George several months ago.

Can't. Stop. Watching.