Kardashians star lashes out when asked about sister Kim


We imagine that life can get pretty tedious, living in the shadow of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters.

Brody Jenner, the son of Bruce, proved our point during an interaction with awaiting paparazzi at Sydney Airport this weekend.

The reality star unleashed his fury after being quizzed about his famous step-sister, Kim.

The 31-year-old was reportedly left fuming by the paparazzi’s questions, and was heard bellowing: “You’re going to ask me about my f***ing sister?”

Brody, who gained fame alongside Lauren Conrad on The Hills, was then seen swearing at the man in question, while his bodyguard tried his best to lead him away from the scene.

He quickly changed his tune, however, and posed happily with those loyal fans who only had eyes for him!

Despite featuring regularly in the Kardashians’ reality show, Brody is known for being fiercely protective over his sisters and tends not to talk about his family in the media.

Poor Brody. There really is no escaping the Kardashians, is there?