Kardashian star in restraining order drama

Kris Jenner is known as the ‘momager’ extraordinaire, but we wonder how she will deal with claims that her new boyfriend Corey Gamble is a ‘stalker’?

Despite keeping a relatively low profile since first stepping out with Kris, it seems that Corey has quite a colourful past.

According to reports, Corey’s ex-girlfriend had to take out a restraining order against him in 2010 after a series of frightening incidents.

Corey is alleged to have followed the woman everywhere she went, going so far as to get a tracker mapping her whereabouts. She also claims that he was physically abusive towards her.

Word on the street is that Kris isn’t buying the story about Corey, though, because he supposedly doesn’t fit her stalker criteria.

According to TMZ, sources say that Kris is satisfied to believe the best in Corey because he’s very much a “background guy”.

Well, her awkward birthday party photos certainly proved that much!