Kaley shares ‘nude’ snap – wins the internet


Is there anyone who doesn’t LOVE Kaley Cuoco? After all, she’s everyone favourite girl across the hall!

After the initial shock (we assume) of seeing her personal photos had been hacked through the iCloud photo hacking scandal, Kaley responded in what may be the best way ever – sorry Anna Kendrick!

Posting a photo to her Instagram account, where her username is that of her beloved dog, Norman, of her and her husband walking down a beach seemingly butt naked, Kaley wrote: “What a fun day that was, frolicking with my hubs on the beaches of Mexico! Feel like we forgot something?”

The image shows the couple, who have been married since last January, with pixelated areas around their bodies, making it look as if they are naked – brilliant!

Well played, Kaley. You win this round – take that hacker!

Kaley wasn’t the only one who responded to the scandal in a humourous way, Kirsten Dunst took to Twitter yesterday to vent her frustrations through the use of the most powerful of emojis: the pizza and the poo.