Justin Bieber acts like an arrogant child in his deposition video


Justin Bieber is a multi-platinum selling musician but it seems the  young pop star probably should have stayed in school.

When asked by the plaintiff whether “Usher was instrumental in starting [his] career”, the nineteen-year-old responded: “I was found on YouTube and I think I was detrimental to my own career.”

While it seems the Baby singer got a little bit confused, he may have actually accidentally stumbled upon the truth.

The Canada pop singer has not being helping himself lately and was even subjected to a petition to get him removed from America.

He is currently being questioned after a lawsuit was filed against him by paparazzo Jeffrey Binion who claims he was assaulted by the star’s bodyguard.

The video also shows just how arrogant the Boyfriend singer is as he answered a few questions with a smirk, rolling his eyes and swinging on his chair like a child.