7 tell-tale signs you LITERALLY only make pancakes once a year

It’s Pancake Tuesday, people. And that means getting out your batter mix, stocking up on Nutella and getting ready to show off those serious pancake skills – well, sort of. 

While this hallowed day remains a source of much excitement for us big kids out there, many of us are still learning how to perfect the idyllic pancake. 

And if you are anything like us, you're not even close. Here are seven signs you are a total pancake novice:

1) You still follow a recipe for pancake batter 

And have been known to give in and buy the pre-made stuff 

2) You are ten times more excited about the toppings than the pancakes

Nutella, marshmallows, lemon, sugar, sprinkles, Cadbury's, maple syrup, the possibilities are ENDLESS 

3) Attempts to flip pancakes in the pan have ended in disaster 

You are totally okay with not being skilled in this department

4) Your pancakes usually unintentionally end up being a cross between a waffle and a crepe 

But it always taste just right… most of the time

5) You have realised that not over-cooking one side of a pancake is a literal pre-ordained skill

And you cannot master it  

6) You have never mastered the perfect pancake 

But it's okay because the toppings cover all 

7) Thank goodness for places like Lemon 

If all else fails, you're going out. 

Because pancakes of some description are simply a necessity today. MMMMM…