Is your make-up past its use by date?


Unfortunately, make-up does not last forever, no matter how much you may have spent on it. If you are the type of lady who tends to cling on to their beloved products, you might want to take a few notes.

To avoid applying bacteria to your face, here is the low down on how long make up actually lasts for.

This particular beauty product doesn’t last longer than three months. It is a breeding ground for bacteria and should be binned to save yourself catching a nasty, not to mention unattractive, infection.

Foundation can last twice as long as mascara, although some can last for a year. Water-based ones should be thrown away after the six month mark as they attract bacteria. If you use it longer than recommended, you’ll just end up with spots and breakouts.

Eyeshadow tends to be the product that piles up in the bottom of the make-up bag. However, you might want to throw out any that have been there for more than three months. Creamy textured shadows tend to grow bacteria more than powder.

It’s definitely time to clear out your make-up bag.