Is your guy a spornosexual?


Mark Simpson, the UK journalist who penned the term “metrosexual” over twenty years ago, is back with an updated term for the vain men in our lives.

Introducing… The Spornosexual!

So, what exactly is the spornosexual, and could you be living with one right now? (Scary thought!)

Spornosexual seems to be a play on the words "sport," "porn" and obviously, "sexuality." But what does it actually mean in a man? 

Well, according to Simpson in an article he wrote for the Daily Telegraph, a spornoseuxal is a male who, in the age of mass social media and internet consumption, is best described as “these pumped-up offspring of those Ronaldo and Beckham lunch-box ads, where sport got into bed with porn while Mr Armani took pictures.”

You'll see them at the gym, flexing their honed muscles or perfecting their tan on the sunbeds – these guys take metrosexual to the max! 

Simpson goes on to say that the spornosexual treats their bodies as the “ultimate accessories,” meaning that it is all about the bod, not the clothes like the previous metrosexual man. These men love to be loved: “They want to be wanted for their bodies, not their wardrobe. And certainly not their minds.”

Eek, harsh much?! We’re thinking he is alluding to the likes of the Geordie Shore lads, so perhaps it’s not time to worry about your guy just yet.

You may want to confiscate the drop-it-low V-neck though, just in case.