Is this the end of our love affair with denim?


One of the longest lasting fashion trends ever has been denim, particularly jeans. The legs have flared and narrowed, the waist dropped from high to low and back again, but people stayed inseparable from their jeans.

Until now.

After decades of stable popularity, jeans sales are falling nearly 10% year on year now. Designers blame the current trend for comfortable and athletic clothing for the decline.

It seems we prefer our jeggings to the real thing.

The decline is across the board, but worse in women’s fashion. Leggings are currently the most popular trousers, with a renewed love for dresses also cutting into the denim market.

It’s hard to say whether this is just a temporary blip or the end of an era.

The 90s seems to be having resurgence so you might find yourself going from zero denim to double denim before you know it.