Women in Ireland need WAY more confidence in their inner beauty


We all know make-up and tan is a multi-million business in Ireland – but we never truly realised how much we depend on it.

Skin care brand IMEDEEN surveyed women from all over the country and found some astonishing statistics on Irish beauty.

70% of Irish women wish they had better skin, yet 75% admitted they only spend a half hour or less on a skin care routine each day.

However, 94% think that other women look better without make-up, which we have to admit we understand.

How many times have you seen your BFF fresh-faced and thought she looked fab without a scrap of war paint on? Many times? Us too.

Yet, 40% of women feel more confident when wearing a full face of make-up everyday.

63% believe that the media are to blame for the pressure of women having look good all the damn time, but do we?

We won't lie, going without the usual cover-up can be hard, especially if you have issues with your skin, but knowing that we're all in the same boat gives us a little bit more confidence to reveal our real selves more often.

Now, put down that concealer!