Irish priest condemns yoga and urges parishioners to stay away

A priest based in Donegal has told his parishioners that practising yoga, tai-chi or Reiki is “contemptible.”

Fr Padraig O’Baoill wrote in his weekly newsletter to the parishioners of Gaoth Dohair: “As followers of Jesus Christ we should not partake in things that go against our religion. Accordingly, you should not take part in yoga, thai chai or Reiki … do not put your souls in jeopardy for the sake of these contemptible things.”

A local yoga teacher in the area has reacted by saying: “I have to say that this advice seems to be coming from a position of ignorance. However, I think priests in general are sceptical of yoga and Reiki. I can see where they are coming from but I think they need to find out more about these subjects.”

Will you be foregoing your weekly yoga session?