Instagram goes nuts over Madonna’s latest selfie


Madonna has been the subject of ridicule after posting a photo of herself wearing a Burqa on Instagram.

Why she decided on a Burqa, we’ll never know, and her caption didn’t make things any clearer: “Its that kind of day! #unapologeticb****”.

Whatever her reasons, people were outraged by the snap – not in the same way they were outraged by Khloé Kardashian donning Native American headgear the other day though. Instead, they were disgusted that Madonna might be copying Lady Gaga in her Aura (Burqa) video.

They left some cruel comments for the singer too – one particularly harsh one being: “Could you not copy Gaga, old bat? It’s time to get off Instagram and die in a nursing home”.

Ouch. We’d give Instagram some breathing space if we were her!