Important signs that you’ve been friends forever


You know each other’s wardrobes
Don’t know what to wear? No worries, your best friend will know already what outfit would suit you best. Why? Because she already knows the inside of your wardrobe.

Contact each other through many methods.
Finished Facebook messaging each other? That’s ok. You can just then go on to text her, snap chat her, tweet her, or any other form of communication that’s available to you.

She will tell you honestly whether that dress will suit you or not and most importantly, gives you the much needed advice you sometimes need to hear.

You have eras
You’ve been friends for so long that you can laugh easily about some of those strange eras that you both went through.

You know too much
Whether it’s about her sex life or intimate details about her boyfriend, you definitely know way too much about your best friend.

Nothing gets in the way
You could be living other sides of the country or different countries and might not have even spoken for a while but once the two of you meet up it’s like nothing has changed.