‘I’ll be there for you’: Jen Aniston to be Courteney Cox’s maid of honour


In Friends, Phoebe and Rachel nearly lost their minds when Monica let them decide who would be her maid of honour.

The pair lied, auditioned and did everything in their power to win, but in the end, Rachel proved that she would be the perfect maid of honour for Monica.

And it looks like Jennifer Aniston has followed in her character's footsteps as the actress is going to be former co-star Courtney Cox’s maid of honour.

Courtney is set to marry Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid in the coming months. The actress gushed about Jennifer admitting that she "wouldn't want to walk down the aisle" with anyone else.

It is understood that the pair has grown even closer since their time on the show: “Courtney and Jennifer are as thick as thieves and they have got even closer in recent months,” a source shared.

They added: “Courteney wouldn't want to walk down the aisle without Jennifer by her side. They have a very strong friendship."

Courtney has been a huge support to Jennifer since she split up with Justin Theroux back in February.

Their friendship has only grown stronger since the end of Friends in 2004.

Courtney and Johnny McDaid are set to have two wedding ceremonies, one in Derry and another in California.

It is understood that the ceremony in Northern Ireland will be a “simple and stylish” affair, and the Malibu ceremony will be far more “lavish and posh.”

Courtney and Johnny will reportedly tie the knot this July.