Iceland launch new TGI Friday’s range and shoppers can’t wait!

TGI Friday’s fans, we have some news that's going to make your day. Supermarket Iceland has teamed up with the famous American restaurant chain to launch a new TGI Friday's range that you can enjoy at home (yes, really!).

With prices starting from as little as €2.50 there are 11 products to choose from including starters, sides and desserts. The exclusive range is available in stores across the Ireland.

Iceland Ireland guarantees that Friday feeling with the launch of its exclusive TGI Friday’s range, with fan favourites, Jalapeno Cheese Bites (200g, €2.50), Chilli Beef Fries (500g, €3.50) and a New York Cheesecake (450g, €3.50) all available in the frozen aisles for the first time. The exclusive TGI Friday’s range is available now in all 27 Iceland stores nationwide.

For shoppers craving a chicken bite there’s the traditional Fridays Wings (600g, €4.00), a powerful pack of smoked barbecue seasoned wings with a caramelised onion glaze for extra punch, alternatively there’s the Boneless Hot Wings (400g, €4.00). The boneless bite sized chicken is breaded and coated in a hot buffalo sauce to crank up the heat every day of the week.

If its potatoes and chips that take your fancy at TGI Friday’s, carb fans can load up their trolleys with Loaded Bacon and Cheese Skins (252g, €2.50), Chill Beef Fries (500g, €3.50) and Cheese & Bacon Warrior Fries (490g, €3.50) – an indulgent combination of seasoned potato fries overloaded with blue cheese, jalapeno chilli sauce and smoked bacon pieces, a Friday fiesta dish.

Fill up the table with many other Friday’s favourites with Fridays BBQ Ribs (560g, €4.00), slow cooked yet ready to eat in 35 minutes with its famous barbecue glaze, serve with Mozzarella Sticks (240g, €2.50) and Cajun Onion Rings (475g, €2.50) to complete the meal.

TGI Friday’s fans can also delight their sweet tooth with the Brownie Obsession (400g, €3.50) dessert which can be microwaved in two minutes from frozen – perfect for those who need a chocolate fix in minutes. Plus, you can’t beat the classic, New York Cheesecake (450g, €3.50), a creamy baked vanilla cheesecake on a biscuit base to finish off the Friday banquet.

It seems shoppers can't wait to get their hands on the new range, with hundreds liking and sharing the post with many commenting to express their excitement.

One delighted user wrote: "really looking forward to these."

The full range includes:

Jalapeno Cheese Bites (200g, €2.50)

Chilli Beef Fries (500g, €3.50)

Fridays Wings (600g, €4.00)

Boneless Hot Wings (400g, €4.00)

Loaded Bacon and Cheese Skins (252g, €2.50)

Cheese & Bacon Warrior Fries (490g, €3.50)

Fridays BBQ Ribs (560g, €4.00)

Mozzarella Sticks (240g, €2.50)

Cajun Onion Rings (475g, €2.50)

New York Cheesecake (450g, €3.50)

Brownie Obsession (400g, €3.50)

Iceland Ireland’s new TGI Friday’s range is available now across its 27 stores nationwide.