‘I ran into a pole’: Britney Spears starts her 2016 with a (literal) bang

Britney Spears started off the New Year by getting into a fight with a pole… and losing.

The singer took to Instagram last night to ring in the next twelve months with her first selfie of 2016 – featuring an oval-shaped bruise on her forehead.

"Good morning 2016! Don't mind the little bruise on my forehead… Ran into a pole," she said of her appearance. Ouch.

If you're wondering how on earth poor Brit ended up with the unlikely injury, it's worth noting that she's currently back in Las Vegas for the 2016 session of her residency at Planet Hollywood… and has most likely been rehearsing non-stop.

Of course, that forehead bruise is minor compared to the leg brace the singer ended up in back in April, after a knee injury on stage in Vegas.

"I actually wasn't doing anything that hard – I was just kind of bopping around," Britney told Ellen DeGeneres of the "embarrassing" injury, which saw her turn on her ankle and take a tumble in front of the audience.

"Plenty of shows and I've never actually fell on stage so it was really kind of embarrassing."

Bruces and leg braces… hopefully that'll be the last of it for poor Britney.