“I gotta get started”: Star says she can’t wait to have kids


To some, Blake Lively may look like she has it all – fame, gorgeous looks and a drool-inducing man – but there’s one thing she says is still missing from her life: children.

The 27-year-old actress has spoken before about her (slightly mental) wish to have a family of 30 children. Now, she says, it’s time to get working on that mission. “I gotta get started,” she said in an interview with Marie Claire. “If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would.”

The star also spoke adoringly of her husband Ryan Reynolds. The pair have been married for nearly two years and it seems they are still totally loved-up.

“We’ve never gone a week without seeing eachother. There’s no major decision I make without him,” said Blake. “The best part is when we turn off our phones and just talk and hang out. He’s my best, best friend.” Sounds like a perfect match to us!