‘I bought her a career’ 9 times Kim was our favourite Kardashian sister

Kim Kardashian is – and probably always will be –  an easy target for media outlets and internet trolls.

From homing in on the tape which shot her to super-stardom to questioning her need to share almost every aspect of her life with the world, the reality star has attracted – and successfully defended herself against – countless critics in her time.

And we applaud her for it.

So, as a tribute to Kim on her 36th birthday, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite ‘classic Kim’ moments.

1. That time she covered herself after offering a mate some dodgy advice

2. That time she wasn't afraid to ask the hard questions

3. That time she proved how down with the kids she was

4. That other time she wasn't afraid to ask the hard questions

5. That time she ratted on her own nephew 

6. That time she ratted on her own niece

7. That time she was all of us in work… with a raging hangover

8. That time she was us hearing who our mate hooked up with on the sly

9. That time she was more real about her family than ANY critic

Happy Birthday, Kim!