‘I am more than a jean size’: Demi Lovato shares advice on self-care

Demi Lovato has been busy spreading messages of self-love and body-confidence across social media this week. 

The singer developed bulimia at a young age and has been incredibly open and honest about her journey to recovery ever since.

Demi often stresses the importance of self-care and encourages her fans to love themselves for who they are.

She has come a long way, and her latest posts prove it. 


I don't have a thigh gap and I'm still beautiful the way I am. #recovery #selflove #EVERYbodyisbeautiful

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For World Health Day, the star took to instagram with this message for her followers:

"Every day you have the chance to turn it all around. Take care of your body and mind, and it will take care of you back."

Earlier in the week, Demi posted a series of tweets in which she spoke openly about her eating disorder and reminded us all that we are so much more than our clothes size.

The star's words of wisdom are something we could all take on board.

Cut yourself some slack and learn to accept and love the things you can't change – just like Demi has. 

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