Huh? People who wear ‘out there’ clothing are likely to be jealous

If you want to wear something, wear it. We pretty much stand by that here at Shemazing!

But a recent study has suggested that if you wear 'out there' clothing, you're a jealous person.

Research carried out by Xun Huang found that, particularly in relationships, wearing something a bit wild means you're feeling insecure about something – or someone – in your relationship.

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One group of experiments involved the participants imagining they were going to a party – one group had a 'formal work do' and the other, a friend's 'costume party'.

With those two groups, each were asked to pick out a pair of sunglasses to wear to each event. One set of sunglasses were ordinary, and the other were an over-the-top pair.

In the conclusion of the research, those who picked to wear the extravagant pair – even to the work do – had a desire to attract attention from the partner and didn't mind public embarrassment because of it.

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But hey, what if you just really like the pink glitter sunnies or flamingos are your fave animal so you choose the feathered-lined pair?

It also noted that type of behaviour also happens in sibling relationships. Take from it what you will.

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