Hozier stuns with with comments in candid interview to air tonight


What's up with Hozier?!

Why is he the only one that can't understand how his star has reached the dizzying heights it has in recent months?!

Speaking candidly on Other Voices due to air tonight on RTÉ2, the Wicklow singer admits that his success has left him a little rattled.

Astounded by the his acceptance into the music industry, Hozier says: "I certainly didn't imagine this year to go the way it's gone and the music has been accepted by audiences I never thought it would be accepted by."

Despite knowing Take Me To Church was an absolute stormer, the modest performer was uncertain as to whether it would make the big-time, admitting: "I was proud of it when I wrote it, but I certainly didn't see it as a top 10 hit."

Revealing that his transition into fully-fledged artist was far from simple, Hozier went on to say: "That's very strange to me and I felt very much as an outsider because I wasn't part of a 'scene' or anything like that."

Finding himself performing at the Victoria's Secret Show and billed alongside global performers took a little getting used to, with the singer admitting: "There are all these things that happen and all of a sudden your name is next to somebody like Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran."

How refreshing is it to hear a performer as talented as Hozier come across so modest?!

Never change Hozier, never change!