How your boyfriend sees your group of friends

Our boyfriends tend to see the friends in our lives in an entirely new light…mostly because they're probably not friends with them. Here is how your man sees your friends!

1. The Overly Possessive One
If you bring your fella on a night out she'll be the first one to say "I thought this was a girls night out" and also guilts you into cancelling date night because she "never sees you anymore" yet when she has a boyfriend you literally NEVER hear from her. 

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2. The Gay Friend
Except your boyfriend just thinks he is making it up to be all close and cuddly with you – boys eh?


3. The Moany One
She's always letting guys mess her about and your man will think she's a really sweet girl (which she is) but he doesn't know why she has to bake brownies in your house at 2am after that guy doesn't text her back. Again. 

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4. The One He Kind Of Fancies
She's hot. You know it, she knows and your boyfriend definitely knows it. Not to fear, he's with you for a reason and if she's a true friend you could lock them in a wedding suite for a week and nothing would happen. 


5. The Cheeky One Who Fancies Him
Well, he thinks she's flirting with him, in reality it's a test and he'd better pass or he'll see her true side…


6. The Male Friend
You've been best friends since you were kids but people say he's a cross between David Gandy and Ryan Gosling. You don't see it yourself and he's more like a brother but your boyfriend doesn't see it that way. 


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