How to wear a nude lip with every skin tone


The nude lip is back! It can be daunting to know the right way to rock the nude lip, is it too light? Too dark? Should it blend in with my skin tone? 

Here is how to wear a nude lip with every skin tone:

If you have fair skin like….Blake Lively
If you are quite fair, it is best to stick with nude lipsticks that have a pink undertone.

If you have medium skin like…Mila Kunis
If you have slightly more tanned skin, you can afford to go for a slightly warmer undertone like a dark dusty rose/beige colour. Just make sure it is slightly darker than your skin – you don't want your lips to disappear! 

If you have olive skin like…Kim Kardashian
​Olive skintones will pop with a gorgeous shade of caramel or medium beige. Once again, the trick is to ensure the colour is darker than your skin colour. 

If you have darker skin like… Rihanna
Darker skin has the ability to carry off some fierce lipstick colours without washing out the skin tone. Deep beige and brown will perfect the nude lip and warm undertones will complete the look.