How to fight the frizz


Frizzy hair is the bane of our lives and if you’re anything like us, yours will have just gotten so much worse over the past few days.

If you don’t want to end up looking like Monica from Friends when they went on THAT trip to Barbados, you would do well to have a read of these tips:

Be careful which products you go for
Avoid hair products that contain sulphates as it can make your hair pretty brittle and stiff.

Natural brush
When it comes to choosing a brush, make sure you go for one with a natural bristle as it grips at the hair a lot better when blow drying.

Hair oil
Apply a little oil into your hair after towel drying. Don’t do it when your hair is dry as it will just go greasy.

If you have thick hair, make sure you are pretty generous when it comes to conditioning and leave the conditioner in for at least three minutes.

Protect against the heat
Spritz on a heat-protective spray before you use a hairdryer or styling tool. It helps to avoid cuticle damage which can lead to frizzy hair.

Avoid alcohol
No we don’t mean put away the wine. Avoid using products that contain alcohol like hairspray as it can cause your hair to go puffy.