Hollywood couple back together years after split?!


It looks like this Gossip Girl romance is back on!

Yes, Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle look like they may be officially an item again!

Following the breakdown of their respective marriages, by 2012 the couple were said to be in a relationship and were spotted kissing.

However, things went quiet from then on…until now that is.

Over the past two weeks Kelly and Matthew have been sharing cute photos of themselves together on their Instagram accounts – Kelly’s with a little heart as a caption.We really hope these two are together and not just (very) good friends as they are officially the cutest!

Kelly could use some good news after a judge sent her children to live with their father in France back in August. 

The mum-of-two is reported to have filed an appeal against the ruling, deeming the decision "unconstitutional": "The children have a fundamental right to reside in their own country and the loss of fundamental rights even for a brief period is irreparable."