#HOAX Four Loko is apparently NOT coming to Ireland after all

There were widespread reports yesterday that the infamous alcoholic beverage Four Loko was coming to Ireland.

The news came from a seemingly legitimate Facebook page called @FourLokoEire, who claimed that the cans would be available in Ireland in 2017.

SHEmazing! reached out to Phusion Projects, the company behind the drink, who said that they will not be coming to Ireland any time soon.


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They also confirmed that the @FourLokoEire page was not affiliated with Four Loko in any way and was presumably a hoax.

"We currently have no definitive timetable as to when we may enter the market," said a Four Loko spokesperson.

Thanks for getting our hopes up lads.

The @FourLokoEire Facebook page was deleted after contacted by SHEmazing! regarding it's legitimacy. 

“WE'RE BRINGING FOUR LOKO TO IRELAND. It's the truth. Get excited,” the page previously claimed, in a post that had garnered thousands of likes.


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For those not in the know, Four Loko is a malt liquor drink that is extremely popular with those on a J1.

The fizzy drink comes in a 750ml can, and has a 12% alcohol content.