High street clothing size discrepancy SLAMMED once again

How many times have you brought your size jeans into the dressing room, only to find that you'd need a winch and possibly some kind of denim-friendly lubricant to get them up over your thighs? 

No matter what store you walk in to, finding you size can be a little difficult thanks to the massive size difference brand-to-brand. 

The high street is being called out for its massive size discrepancies, and today it's H&M that's in the spotlight. 

Twitter user Samantha Bell took to the social media site to share a snap of two pairs of jeans, both in a size 16, from H&M and Penneys.

The size difference is blatant, with the H&M jeans being three quarters of the size of the Penneys ones.  


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This definitely isn't the first time that social media has been used to call out the murky measurements. 

Body positivity blogger Katy recently went viral thanks to her eye opening picture showcasing these sizing issues to great effect. 

The fitness and lifestyle guru showed herself trying on two pairs of jeans from different stores, both in a size 10. 

The drastic difference in fit is pretty evident in her post. 

There are so many possible reasons for this, from vanity sizing (where a label is marked as a smaller size than it is to make the customer feel good) to international sizing measurements not quite translating country to country. 

Despite being called out multiple times, it seems that high street brand owners just do not want to sit down and agree on a universal measurment for each size. 

Here's to hoping that the constant calls for a better system will be heard one of these days.