He loves me, he loves me not


If your boyfriend is crazy about you, it won’t be long until you start to see it for yourself. 

Here are the hard-to-miss signs that will let you know he’s mad about you:

His choice of words
He loves the fact that you two have become an ‘us,’ so he’s no longer thinking as a single man. If ‘I’ has become ‘we’ and ‘me’ has become ‘us’ then he is crazy about you.

His future includes you in it
This is a no brainer. If he talks about inviting you to a friend’s wedding next year and jokes about what your children will look like, he’s fallen deep.

He wants you to meet the family
If he wants you to meet the people that matter the most to him, chances are he’s in it to win it. He wants his family to love you just as much as he does and be completely invested in the relationship.