Have you tried the new craze sweeping the beauty world?


There’s a new beauty craze on the scene and we are a little scared of it if we’re honest! Having said that, we’re also completely intrigued…

If you, like so many of us, have tried nearly everything to rid your eyes of dark circles, then the beauty world may have the answer for you.

No, it isn’t a fancy cream or some kind of terrifying surgery, it’s actually most definitely in your beauty routine already.

Red. Lipstick.

Yes, red lipstick used as an under-eye concealer is said to make dark circles disappear! But is it too good to be true…?

Many of YouTube’s beauty bloggers have been giving the craze a go, some are in favour whilst others claim it’s just an extra step you don’t really need.

We took a look at two of these bloggers; the first being Deepica Mutyala whose video on using red lipstick as concealer has gone viral with more than four million views.

 We also watched a video by beauty blogger Elko who says it’s just more effort than it is worth. 

Will you be trying out this new beauty trend for getting rid of those pesky dark circles?