Has Simon had enough of his X-Factor star?


Winner of  the 2012 X-Factor James Arthur has reportedly been fired by Syco Records boss Simon Cowell. 

It seems James has pushed things too far with his latest lyrics, which make a reference to a terrorist act, and Simon is said to have lost patience with the Impossible singer.

In mixtape track Follow The Leader James raps, “Look at what you do to me, I’m crying over stupid s***, you’re such a f***ing homophobe, wish I’d never let you in, to think that I was thinking maybe I should let you live, I’m gonna blow up your family like I’m a terrorist.”

James has already taken to Twitter to defend the lyrics, saying they are actually taken from a letter from a “demented fan”.

“The song “follow the leader” from the mixtape is not promoting terrorism, it’s a story, a reciting of a Stan Esc letter from a demented fan,” he tweeted.

But boss man Simon is said to be done giving the X-Factor star any more chances and has called time on his record deal.