Handmade presents: Expectation vs. Reality


We’re told that homemade presents are often the way to go if you really want to wow your significant other. They’re considerate, they show you care, and if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, they’re hell on earth.

If you’re a pro with a glue gun and a pair of scissors, then spare a though for the rest of us who try to impress our other halves with badly drawn cartoons, ice-pop stick boxes and dodgy-looking knitted hats.

Frankly, we’re lucky they stay with us considering some of the junk we proffer as ‘gifts’.

Expectation: You’ll melt his heart with your thoughtful, loving present.
Reality: You’ll melt the counter-top because you thought a blow torch might be necessary.


Expectation: You’ll make a CD of all his favourite songs.
Reality: You’ll make his life difficult by forcing him to climb into the attic and search for an actual CD player.


Expectation: You’ll blow his mind by referencing a cute in-joke from your first date.
Reality: You’ll blow his mind trying to figure out why there’s a bad sketch of a pug dog saying ‘Remember?! Har har har”


Expectation: You’ll create a photo montage of all your favourite relationship moments.
Reality:You’ll create fear in his heart with badly hacked photos more akin to a stalker’s lair.


Expectation: You’ll shock him with your creative flair and eye for detail.
Reality: You’ll shock (and mildly frustrate) him with your inability to stay within the lines.


OK girls, we can't be expected to be amazing at everything.

We console them when their team loses, we let them make us dinner 'cos we're nice like that and we laugh at their jokes (Because, well, they're hilarious) so don't beat yourself up if the last present you gave him was met with confusion and a whispered "Awwww, baaaabe…what is it?"