Gwyneth Paltrow is totally chilled about Chris’ new relationship!


She’s a classy bird, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The internet may have almost exploded with the news that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is now dating Jennifer Lawrence, but it turns out Gwyneth’s reaction was a little more toned down.

Gwyneth and Chris chose to “consciously uncouple” earlier this year, after nearly 11 years together.  Despite what we’re sure was a very difficult adjustment period, the actress has taken the news of Chris’ new leading lady very well, by all accounts.

A source revealed to Us Weekly that Gwyneth has only good wishes for Chris. “She just wants him to be happy,” said the insider. “Her take is, ‘Hey, he could do worse.’”

The former couple have remained close since their split. Speaking in a radio interview about how things were going, Chris said the two were “friends and proud parents. There's lots of love, and that's it.”

Gwyneth even went so far as to nominate the singer in her Ice Bucket Challenge video – though we can’t be sure if that was an act of friendship or an act of revenge!

While Chris’ new romance with 24-year-old Jennifer is a lot more high-profile, there is speculation that Gwyneth may have found someone new, too. She has been seen out and about with Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk, and onlookers described the atmosphere during their recent dinner date in LA as “flirty.”

We wonder if Gwyneth and Brad will have as good a couple’s nickname as Martin Lawrence?!