Girls Aloud member recalls shock at Cheryl’s wedding news


Nadine Coyle has recalled the moment she heard about Girls Aloud bandmate, Cheryl’s wedding to Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini.

The former pop star, who is in the UK for performances in Lord of the Dance, spoke of her surprise at the news, saying: “I didn’t even know. I had a friend tell me and I thought it was to the boyfriend that I had met a while back and I was like, ‘Oh my God’ but then it’s this new guy.”

Hmm, is that a catty tone we detect Nadine?!

We know Cheryl's wedding was certainly a surprise given they had not been going out very long – but should a former bandmate really be pointing that out?!

Nadine continued on to tell Attitude magazine that Cheryl obviously is very happy: “If you meet somebody and think, ‘I’m going to get married’, you must be having a ball.”

Cheryl and Jean-Bernard were married on the 7 July last in the Caribbean after dating for three months. 

The mum-of-one also sent Cheryl a message of congratulations upon hearing about the marriage, urging The X Factor judge to join the "baby club."

Nadine has made no secret of the fact that she isn’t very close to the other girls anymore, even saying she doubted any of them would see her performances…

Hmm, we think she’ll be glad to get back to LA somehow!