‘Gilmore Girls’ Lane Kim has the best advice for dealing with anxiety

We all loved Lane Kim, Rory's BFF in Gilmore Girls.

And actress Keiko Agena ahs nwo written an amazing book, No Mistakes: A Perfect Workbook for Imperfect Artists, about embracing failure and dealing with anxiety. 

Sounds like something we might need. 

Keiko told Bustle, "I love books like this, that dive into what we need to do as artists. So, I asked myself 'What do I need?' and 'What am I scared of?' Well, I’m constantly scared that I’m not good enough, or I’m not the right type of something, and that I’m a failure,"

She continued, ''it had come to a point in my career where, even though I had been acting for a while, I was –  and still am to some extent – fearful of speaking out. Even though I’m older now, I always defer. My comfort zone is to defer to other people that know better. But at this age that I’m coming into, it was a question of ‘Well, if I don’t start to feel comfortable speaking for myself and trusting my voice, then when?' If I want to do it, I’d better start now!"

Thr book is divided into ten different chapters, each dealing with different creative lessons including "Failure Is Fodder For Courage" and "Cherish Your Voice.''

Shr has been very open about the fact that writing this book wasn't planned, but rather it stemmed from a form of therapy.

She said, ''I will say that if there is one thing that I do give myself credit for, it’s that I know when there is an opportunity and I will fight hard to live up to the grandness of whatever that opportunity is. So, I think when this did start to happen, I just jumped on it. Even though I’m such a Nervous Nelly that I was like ‘It will never happen’."

We've always had a soft spot for Stars Hollow's resident punk rocker and we'll deffo be seeing what this book is all about.