Geordie Shore’s Charlotte makes a shocking body admission


Since dropping three stone last year, Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby now has an undeniably amazing body.

The reality star now keeps lean by eating cleanly and getting a tough workout in every day, but she's admitted she still isn't happy with how she looks.

Posing in (yet another) bikini selfie on Twitter, the 24-year-old says she wants to up her fitness game to build more muscle.

"Determined to get abs," she wrote. "Bellys flat but I mean abs would be amaze. Extra abs section every morning #3MinBellyBlitz."

Speaking recently about her choice to lose weight and get fit, Charlotte admitted she felt bad for her on-again-off-again boyfriend Mitch Jenkins when unflattering pictures of her in a bikini were published back in summer 2014.

"I felt like I let Mitch down. You know what lads are like – all his mates would say: 'Look at Mitch's girlfriend'", she told OK! magazine. "What boyfriend wants to say they're going out with the Michelin Man?"

She also confessed that she had been seriously lacking in confidence before losing weight  – something which has changed now. "I'd become so self-conscious about my big body and hated my big belly," she said. 'I'd keep my top on during sex, but now I'll whip everything off."

We're glad to see Charlotte's happy with her new look – but we really hope she doesn't take things to an unhealthy level.