Geordie Shore star says critics of her weight loss are “jealous”


Reality star Holly Hagan received a barrage of negative comments online yesterday after she posted a picture showing off her thin frame and thigh gap.

Holly shared a Snapchat screenshot showing herself and a friend lying on a bed with the caption, "Tom still working on da thigh gap." After dropping 3st, Holly is currently at her lowest weight of 9st 10lbs and is clearly dying to show off her slim frame – but fans weren't best pleased by the post.

The 22-year-old's followers were quick to criticise her for being "unhealthy" and setting a bad example for young girls.

However Holly refused to apologise for the controversial picture, taking to Twitter to say, "Can't understand how me becoming a healthy weight and getting fit is giving off a bad impression to young people? Get a fucking grip #jel"

Harsh, Holly!

Whatever her reaction to the criticism, there's no denying that Holly is delighted with her body transformation over the last year. "Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quite my goal weight just yet, but I am feeling much healthier, happier and even more confident with my body," she said recently.

"It's been difficult to diet when I’m always on the go, but I've made a few adjustments here and there and I know what to avoid."

We're glad to see Holly so happy, but that's no reason for her to insult her followers either!